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The Group

Andreas...bouzouki & vocals

Andreas began his musical career as a pianist. He has played classical piano, including a variety of compositions by Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Gershwin and others, in front of many audiences and, thus, has gathered up a great amount of musical and LIVE experience as a performer. 


He then picked up his first bouzouki, also at a young age, and essentially taught himself how to play the instrument. He is influenced by "bouzouxithes" such as Manolis Chiotis, Manolis Karandinis, and, of course, the great Tsitsanis.

Andreas' love and passion for the bouzouki is evident every time he performs. He reveals the beauty of Greek music and, therefore, Greek culture by means of the bouzouki. His interpretations of Greek music are both unique and appealing. He truly captivates his audiences with an exhilarating persona on stage, as well. 

Yianni...keyboards & vocals

Yianni was introduced to music by his father, who is also a keyboard player. From an extremely young age, Yianni matured and grew as an exceptional musician by mastering a wide variety of instruments. However, his true love for music always resided in the piano. 


Yianni became proficient in musical theory and has a special fondness for both Greek music and Jazz. As an underclassman in high school, Yianni helped conduct the school Jazz band and would even compose and arrange for them. To date, Yianni has had the pleasure of teaching more than 150 students, of all ages, across many instruments, and has shown them first-hand that hard work and dedication does pay off.

As the founding member of Oneiro, his utmost dedication to the group is matched only by his unbelievable keyboard playing, his solid back-up vocals, his harmonies, and the group's overall exciting arrangements.


Yianni is also the group's maestro - He spends countless hours in Oneiro's studio composing, arranging, recording, etc. There is nothing Yianni can't do when it comes to music.


Dimitri (James) owes a lot of his skillfulness on the guitar to his father, who got him started on the instrument. James essentially grew up with the guitar in his hands. 


Throughout his life, James would always experiment with blues and rock music. From the start, he always considered timing and rhythm to be the cornerstones of being a good musician.

Upon joining Oneiro as an original member, James developed a lively and smooth style of rhythm guitar. He also plays lead guitar in some of the group's show pieces. His overall playing will keep you in a never-ending trance for as long as you listen.

Theofanis...drums & percussion

Theofanis’ passion for Greek music was instilled at the early age of 12 during his first performance with the classic ‘Prevas Brothers’ in Detroit, MI.  In one night, he learned the Greek rhythms and felt a calling to embrace and represent the Greek culture through music. The path he carved and the method behind his music grew intensely from that point on.  


In addition to performing often at Greek venues during the 80’s, he served as section leader for a very disciplined drum-line.  Theofanis then embraced the world of performance rock with a driving positive energy through the 90’s; crafting his studio chops and time-keeping in the many famous recording studios and clubs of Los Angeles, CA.


Influenced most by the percussion of progressive bands Rush and U2, the polyrhythmic, culture-influenced drumming of Babatunde Olatunji, and, of course, the rhythms of Greek music, Theofanis has joined forces with Oneiro, establishing the heartbeat and backbone of Oneiro's sound. He plays with meticulous precision and anthemic commitment to the music he loves, for the people he loves.