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We pride ourselves on our passion for marketing, social media, advertisements, and, of course, our multimedia releases. Due to our relationships with other industry professionals, we have access to an unlimited platform of advertisements and marketing strategies for us and our clients - Listed are a few things Oneiro can offer:
Showcase your Wedding:
• Custom, pre-recorded audio introductions for grand
entrances, first dances, and bridal party dances
• Customized slideshows and videos to be showcased or
looped throughout the evening
• Snapchat filters designed for your event
• Remastered recordings for first dances, grand entrance,
and sentimental moments
Promote your Festival:
• Advertisement videos that feature your festival - Typically between 30 seconds and 1 minute in length
• High resolution pictures showcasing your food, dance groups, vendors, taverna, and more - This can be used for
the festivals website, Facebook page, and any other social media platforms
• Internal advertising to our thousands of fans worldwide, targeted audiences, mass email communications, and SEO
search engine optimization
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