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Best tips for hiring a Greek band for your event

Choosing the church is easy. Choosing a venue, florists, decorators, photographers, videographers, room up lighting, and the evening’s menu? Overwhelming. However, choosing the Greek entertainment for your wedding, dinner dance, festival, baptism, or national conference, shouldn’t be difficult.

Before we get into all the details, there are numerous factors for choosing a Greek band, but for us, this list is based on our experience with hundreds of events across North America and from being in the industry and knowing many other Greek bands for hire.

You have to be sure you’re choosing the right band. And we don’t mean choosing the band ONLY because they play all of your favorite Greek songs. Nor because you know them personally. Nor because your 20-something year old sister thinks the drummer is cute. The entertainment you choose is in the top three things you need to get right for your Greek event: The venue, the Greek band, and your target demographic.

You need to be sure you’re Greek band is reliable and punctual; means what they say, and won’t promise you the world when they know they can’t deliver. Your event is very important to you and your guests, and should be to your band as well.

If you’re planning a wedding, a dinner dance, a festival, a national conference, church functions, baptisms, etc., here are some key points that might help you choose the right Greek band for your event:

- They have a spotless track record.

They take their word and integrity seriously. They’ve never double-booked, they’ve never pulled a no-show, and they have a minimal amount of complaints. A band that has such a great reputation, anyone who hires them, knows exactly what they’re getting and paying for. They have great reviews, content, videos, live recordings, and pictures while performing.

- They’re experienced.

They have performed for many functions: For many brides and for many grooms. From huge Greek festivals and national conferences, to small church dinner dances and baptisms. They’ve done it all.

- They’re online; they’re professional.

Have you ever been disappointed while searching the web for a business and the company profile doesn’t give much information or insight into who they are? Their Google listing doesn’t include a phone number, or their website doesn’t add any valuable information? Great - Then you know what we’re talking about. Make sure the Greek band you hire has a solid online presence: Check their website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. It’s the 21st century. If they aren’t taking the time to make sure they look professional on the World Wide Web, they definitely won’t take the time to look and act professional for your event.

- They’re passionate.

As a generalization, musicians are passionate people. If they weren’t, well, they probably wouldn’t be musicians. When you contact them by phone or email, be sure they are just as excited as you are about your future event. They understand the industry; they understand all the work you’ve done so far, and they want to put your mind at ease that you’re making the right choice.

As a final bonus tip, and insider trading, to tie all of these major points together, believe it or not, when looking at photos and videos of the band, pay attention to their gear. Seriously. Being a musician is not a cheap endeavor. It takes years of practice, blood, sweat, and tears. On top of that, gear is expensive. Really expensive. The reality is that a band that is serious about what they do, has great gear. This doesn’t mean it’s the newest, the most expensive, or the flashiest. This means it’s well kept. It’s well maintained. It’s clean. It looks nice. If it’s well kept and clean, we know it’ll always work.

In Conclusion

Planning an event is tough work. We know that; you know that. But hiring a Greek band shouldn’t add to your stress and anxiety. Make sure the Greek band you hire has a spotless track record, they’re experience and professional, they’re online presence is well put together, they’re passionate, and they have some beautiful looking gear.

If your event deserves the best, hire the best.

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